What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file sent to a browser by a web server that is stored on the user's equipment/ device to record his/her activity while browsing through a website. Thanks to cookies the user preferences are remembered to improve your experience when you visit the web again, as the selected language, access data or customization of the site. Likewise, through cookies it is possible to record information about how a user uses a web.

What does MARIONA BAULENAS uses cookies for?

Browsing through MARIONA.ES implies installing first party and third-party cookies on the user's computer/device.

The types of cookies used by MARIONA BAULENAS, SL in MARIONA.ES are:

First Party Cookies: These cookies are installed and managed by MARIONA BAULENAS, S.L.

Technical Cookies: These cookies allow the user to browse through a website, platform or application and use different options or services provided, asfor example, identification during the session, access to restricted area, and use of security functionalities while browsing, the shopping cart to keep track of the items the user has selected.

Security Cookies: The purpose of these cookies is to detect repeated failed login attempts on a website, or other similar mechanisms designed to protect the login system from abuses.

Authentication Cookies: Authentication cookies are used to identify the user once you has logged in. Consequently, information about accesses to areas that require prior identification and authentication of the user would be stored through a cookie in your computer/device in order to verify an adequate users authentication process.

Customization Cookies: These cookies allow the user specify and customize some features of the general options of the website, such as language.

Third parties Cookies: These cookies are installed and managed by third parties that provide services to MARIONA BAULENAS, S.L.

Social Plug-in Cookies: These cookies allow gathering information related to user interaction with social networks where you are a registered user. These cookies are installed and managed by AddThis INC to facilitate the user to log into a social network and to share the information published in MARIONA.ES, and to analyze the use made of the Social networks buttons embedded in MARIONA.ES. Learn more in www.addthis.com and its Privacy area.

Analytics Cookies: Analytics cookies collect information about visits received, the consulted information, the most viewed products, ultimately, the use made of MARIONA.ES by the user in order to evaluate and analyze all data related to this use for statistical purposes and to improve the functionalities of the website. Web analytics is the measurement, collection, analysis and reporting of Internet data in order to understand and optimize the use of the website.

These cookies are installed and managed by GOOGLE INC to provide statistical information on website usage to MARIONA BAULENAS SL. Learn more http://www.google.com/analytics/terms/us.html

Third party cookies described require your consent. Therefore, according to the information provided, you should indicate whether you consent or not to install them at the beginning of your browsing around MARIONA.ES, by clicking on the button that appears at the bottom of the page banner. However, in case you did not perform any action and continue the navigation through the site, it shall be deemed that you consent to the use of cookies described.

MARNIONA BAULENAS, S.L. Is not responsible for the content and accuracy of the privacy policies of third parties to which it links from this Cookies Policy.

How to block Cookies?

At any time users may choose which cookies they want to be installed while browsing through MARIONA.ES by setting your browser.

All modern browsers allow you to change Cookies settings. These settings are normally found in the 'options' or 'Settings' menu of your browser. You can also configure your browser or email manager and install free add-ons to prevent Web Bugs are downloaded when you open an email.

These are the steps you must follow to access the cookies and, if so, the incognito browsing settings in the main browsers:

Internet Explorer:
Tools -> Internet Settings -> Privacy -> Settings.
For more information, please consult the Microsoft support or your browser Help page.

Tools -> Settings-> Privacy -> History -> Customized Settings
For more information, please consult the Mozilla support or your browser Help page

Setting -> Show advanced settings -> Privacy -> Content Settings
For more information, please consult the Google support or your browser Help page.

Preferences -> Security
For more information, please consult the Apple support or your browser Help page.

As a consequence of the fact that cookies from a website have been blocked or prevented to install, a rejection cookie may be installed on your computer in order to apply your choice of deactivation.

Update and/or amendment Cookies Policy

MARIONA BAULENAS, S.L. may revise this Cookies policy from time to time as a result of legislation, jurisprudence or business practice modifications.

The validity of this Cookies policy shall be aligned, therefore, with the time of exposure until the time it should be modified in whole or in part by MARIONA BAULENAS, S.L. Therefore, users should review the cookies policy published in MARIONA BAULENAS, unless they have set their browser according to their preferences.

This Cookies policy is written in English and Spanish. The Spanish version is the authentic one.

MARIONA BAULENAS, S.L. will record all the versions of this Cookies policy.

Last amendment: 10th  February 2016

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This website uses first and third party cookies to be installed while Browning through it in order to properly provide the services, improve them and make usage statistics. If you continue browsing we will assume that you accept the installation of the aforementioned cookies. Furthermore, we inform you about the possibility to modify the configuration of your browser to prevent this installation. Learn more about Cookies Policy.